"Often times it takes just one 'Creative Spark' to change your life from average to awesome!" - Scott Howard

Scott's memorable, thought-provoking stories, brimming with insightful messages, encourages audiences to expand their thinking to improve their lives. Whether the challenge is money, career, health, relationships or overall happiness, Scott Howard delivers the 'Creative Sparks' to help you and your audience to break through to the life you're meant to live.

A Note to Event Planners and Program Directors

Scott Howard Values the Audience Experience. Whether it's serving as your Keynote Speaker, host for your event, workshop presenter, or storyteller for children, Scott delivers the right mix of entertaining, engaging, educational and 'Creatively Inspiring' presentations. Audiences remember Scott, his stories and his messages months after his presentation. Scott will personally communicate with you to tailor his speaking topics, messages and stories to best impact your audience.

Keynote and Workshop TOPICS

"Your Power is in Your Mind" Our lives are a reflection of what we think and believe. Scott's powerful stories and messages awaken audiences to the unrecognized power of our minds to improve every aspect of our lives.
"Creative Thinking and Highly Achieving" Society has created a stereotype, that to be an artist or a teacher means to forgo wealth. It's NOT  TRUE! Discover the secrets for artists, actors, musicians, writers, teachers, child-care providers, and other 'creative-types' to break through the barriers to achieve high-level success.
"Dare to be Different" We are taught to fit in, but the most successful people "Dare To Be Different!" Scott's memorable presentation reveals how to achieve higher levels of success, happiness, and the lives we are meant to live, by discovering our uniqueness!
"Influence" At some point in our lives, every person dreams of making a difference in our world. Every successful person can point to someone who influenced them. It could be you who inspires that person who makes a significant difference in our world.
"Remember What It's Like to be a Kid" Sometimes we need to be reminded - of our childhood, our dreams, to laugh and play, to encourage children, and that children are the future. Scott helps us rediscover our inner-child and the keys to embrace life.
Storytelling: Kids and adults are captivated with Scott's entertaining and engaging stories. 'Creatively Inspiring' tales stimulate the imagination while delivering encouraging messages of self-confidence and positive life values.
100 year-old "Grandpa Raymond" delivers a historically moving life-story, of overcoming challenges and reminding us to 'Seize the Day!'
"Planet Happy" tells the imaginative story of an ideal life on an ideal planet, while reminding us of what we can do to help make this Our Planet Happy.

More Valuable TOPICS & TITLES:

 - Engaging Communications
 - Dynamic Impactful Speaking
 - Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
 - Improve Your Happiness
 - Successful Networking
 - Creativity and Creative Thinking
 - Building a Success Plan
 - and more!

Children's Charity Events

Scott has a calling to encourage, empower and entertain children. As a speaker and author, Scott has worked with causes, charities, fundraisers and services that benefit children's health, education, and encourage positive child development. At most events Scott signs books, while a portion of the proceeds goes to the fundraiser or charity. Scott can also serve as an entertaining host or emcee for your organization, conference or event.
Grandpa Raymond Historical storytelling with memorable, inspiring messages.
Storytelling with Kids at your organization, school, charity or event.     

For Further Information to Contact or Book Scott Howard:

Phone: 727-744-6396
Clearwater, Florida